Insert appropriate navel-centric slug here.

Oh, all right. I’m a fortysomething mother of three. I knit, spin, weave, and work at a j-o-b doing “computer stuff”. I have done other needlecrafts in the past (needlepoint, cross stitch, tatting) but in this millenium, I’ve stuck with the big 3.

I like to noodle around with computers, and have been playing with pc’s for the last 17+ years. I got my first one so I could write a novel ::look how great that turned out:: and my most recent so that I could telecommute from my home-away-from-home. I hate Micro$oft products, and have done so since Win95. I’m a command-line kind of gal. That said, I’ve recently been converted to Apple (along with most of the world). Why so long? That’s another page entirely.

We live three cats who are each the center of the universe. Just ask them. Right now, Sammy is trying to insinuate herself between me and the keyboard, while sitting on the mouse. She wants a treat – and who can blame her? I started throwing treats to get her off the desk. I’m not very trainable. June is lounging on the refrigerator downstairs (I don’t have to look, she’s always there). Where ever he is, Benny is alert to any possible threat. Even when he’s sleeping, he’s on guard.

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