WP 3.0, and more

Busy week! Again, TGIF – but for a different reason (Mercury must be in retrograde, or worse, because one of the SANs at work crapped out big-time).

Upgraded WP to 3.0 this morning – I love, love, LOVE the dashboard, and how simple it is to upgrade now! And just so it *feels* like an upgrade, I’ve changed the theme.

Which brings us to the photo above. Backstory: I’ve been wanting a “better” camera, and I was horribly disappointed at the shots on my camera from Lisa’s wedding. With Sean’s wedding coming up, and no professional photographer in the plan, I decided it was time for a hardware upgrade*. I splurged last weekend, and bought a new camera with more features than I can even name. Plus a book, so hopefully I’ll be able to name them someday. So I’ve been taking pictures, all sorts, mostly cats and flowers because that’s what’s here. Lots of unpublishable shots of my office, desk, trash can. Because the beauty of a digital camera is, film and processing are virtually free.

Yesterday I dropped the old camera off at Mom’s house, and we went on walkabout (touring the gardens). This shot is of the fountain on her patio, shot with a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens, 1/1600, f/1.4, no flash, burst mode, sunny, in 6pm shadow on the east side of the house. In case you were wondering.

* My old camera, a 3-year-old Canon Powershot, works perfectly well. The lack of photogenicity was entirely operator error. If I’d stuck to Auto mode, or even thought about the manual settings, or … hell, even looked at the screen with my reading glasses on, this story might have a different ending.


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