Orenburg Style Shawl errata – at last

It’s late and I should be sleeping – but instead, I’ve been slaving away on the Orenburg Style Shawl pattern.  Some Ravellers are doing a KAL with the shawl, which inspired me to take a look at the chart … and make some corrections!

First, the written instructions for the border are wrong. So errata #1 is the corrected pattern for the border, and it now includes a chart.

Second, the “snowflakes” in the outer border are mis-charted, there are extra K2togs in the center. So a new chart for them. (No written instructions yet, but they are on the way.)

Third – a question. I originally created the pattern as a humongous chart, because trying to piece together lace charts was driving me absolutely batty. You know, where you “Work chart A over 60 sts, then chart B over 22 sts …” On top of that, the diagonal patterns in the center do not work well with repeats. There are a variable number of repeats of the small border patterns, as the center diamonds grow and shrink. So my question is, do you prefer to work from several small charts, or is one multi-page giant chart better?

When I knit this, it was about my 3rd ever lace project. I’d never thought of using stitch markers to surround the individual patterns … which would have been a good idea!

So anyway, the errata. There are two separate PDFs, one for the shawl border, and one for the snowflake chart errata.  There are some more issues with the original pattern. My plan now is to hold off on more corrections, and simply re-publish the entire pattern in a more user friendly format.

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